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Hello everybody. I admit this blog has been a little slow in terms of progressing forward, but I want you to know that I haven’t entirely given up on it. In fact, I want to hear more from you, and really would like to hear some suggestions in terms of things I could cover in future posts. Please don’t hesitate; I really enjoy writing and I never feel as if there’s something I could never write about. So, give me your best shot, and I will thank you once the article is up and online.

Interested in Security and Padlock technology?

Welcome back to Xander Xtreme. As you can probably tell from the title, in my first full article I’m going to be talking about recent developments in padlock and security technology.


Now, the term padlock technology might sound a bit strange and downright bizarre to you, as when I say the word padlock you probably instantly think of a standard, everyday lock that is used in a number of scenarios, such as locking up a shed, safe or bike. But, in case you didn’t already know, many ‘smart’ padlocks have already been developed and sold around the world. For instance, some locks have the ability to let off an alarm or siren whenever they are tampered with. Others have finger print reading abilities meaning they can only be unlocked by coming into contact with the finger prints of the owner.


There are many other innovative locks out there, but today I thought it would be a good idea to tell you about one in particular. It isn’t currently available to the general public as it is still in development, but if you’re anything like me and enjoy almost everything that is remotely technical, then I have no doubt that you’ll think this lock is particularly interesting.

You see it uses ingenious gsm technology and has the ability to communicate with any designated mobile phone. It also has special sensors that can detect exactly when someone is attempting to open or break into it. When this happens, the lock either sends a message or phone call to your mobile, depending on how it is configured.


The amazing thing about this is that the owner of the lock knows immediately when his possessions and belongings are in danger of being robbed. This truly is innovative, as even if the owner is not nearby he can still act accordingly and attempt to prevent the burglary by calling the police or a neighbour. To my knowledge, no other lock has this technology. Some have alarms and sirens, but if you or no one else is directly near to it, then it isn’t much use. But with this new lock, even if you’re not close you can still act and take measures to prevent losing your possessions. If you’d like to learn more about Qlock’s highly secure alarm padlocks then please do.

Hello my name is Xander

Hello and my name is Xander. I’ve created this blog so I can have a place to comment and talk about all of my favourite tech and business news that occurs from day to day. I’m what some people out there might call a ‘techie’ – I love technological advancements and always have. So, with this blog I intend to inform you of all the cool developments within technology and business that I come across. Make sure you return to the site soon to catch a glimpse of my initial full post.