16 10/14

A little update from Xan

Hey. I’m just stopping by to let you know that we have some more great content that will be on the site before too long. A lot of you seem to have enjoyed the post based on lighting, so I’m running with that theme and have to decided to write the second piece about that too. I especially enjoyed talking about chandeliers, and I have a section in the latest post about them again. So please return back to the website before too long to pick up some more great tips on how to improve your homestead!

24 09/14

Getting Lights fitted in your dining room? Read this

If you’re one of the probably thousands if not millions of people that redecorate their dining room every five years or so, then I strongly believe that you will that you will find the following of what I’ve got to say highly beneficial.

Today I’m going to be taking you through all of the different options that are available to you when it comes to redecorating and revamping your dining room, but in truth, the knowledge I’m going to impart to you today can be applied to any room in and around your property.

Before we begin, I think it might be good for me to explain to you why I consider my self an authority when it comes to this subject. Until my recent retirement, I was an interior designer for 30 years, and have garnered many happy memories of completely satisfied clients who will happily admit that I transformed their homes from a place that felt distant, to something they really cherished.

Dining rooms were always my favourite when it came to design. I don’t why exactly, but I think it may have something to do with the tables and chairs set-up. I was always a huge fan of fancy wood, especially mahogany, and dining rooms always gave me a chance to experiment with this. Another great thing about dining rooms or halls is they give a great chance to pick out an awesome light installation.

In classic dining halls you’ll usually have one huge light fitting in the centre of the room, hovering over the table, along with fittings on all of the surrounding walls. This is an option for you, but it’s not entirely necessary. It basically all depends on the size of the room. If yours is not too big, then trust me, don’t bother with the wall fittings. On the other hand, if it is large, and wall fitting can be essential.

I’ll assume that your dining room is moderately sized, and that one central light will do a good job. In my honest opinion there’s no better light than a chandelier. You may ask yourself, ‘Which stairwell and hallway chandeliers are best?‘. Now that’s a good question.

It may seem like a bit of a cop-out, but this really is my suggestion. Go and get a chandelier. Just see how good they look here. They really don’t have to be expensive, unless you want them to.They spread light well, and look better than all other types of lights. Believe me when I say this. I’ve spent my life buying lights for families, and none of them induce so much excitement than a chandelier, and for good reason. They are the ultimate when it comes to luxury lighting.

23 09/14

Xan the Man is ready and able

Well how do you do everyone? My name is Xander and I’m delighted to welcome you to my website that is all about home and decoration. I’ll be covering all aspects of home decor and design. Got an issue arranging furniture? Don’t know which wallpaper will match your new curtains? Uncertain over which light fitting will look best in your new dining room? There have no fear, Xander is here. Throughout this blog I’ll hopefully answer all of these questions and more! So don’t go begging – I will have a spectacular post up here soon, just remember to stop by as soon as you can.